Prefabricated waterproof tanks, Loano

The fuel tanks of the service station of the new tourist port of Loano were built ashore by the company PB Lavori Marittimi of Ancona with the Drytech Tank technology

The fuel tanks of the service station of the new tourist port of Loano were built ashore by the company PB Lavori Marittimi of Ancona with the Drytech Tank technology.

The construction of prefabricated tanks has the advantage of a more practical processing and with a higher quality standard, since the jet in water often produces gravel nests, regardless of the expertise and care of the diving technicians.

Where transport does not constitute an obstacle, the prefabricated tank is therefore preferred.

The tanks were built on the dock of the shipyard area of ​​the new port of Loano and Drytech Engineering collaborated with the designer already in the design phase, for the aspects related to waterproofing and the problems of transporting the tanks.

Made of XS2 exposure class waterproof concrete (submerged constructions in a marine environment), the tanks were again injected on the ground with DRYflex acrylic resin, which waterproofed the joints and shrinkage cracks by pressure. We then proceeded to lift and launch by sinking.

The 4 tanks were then welded with a crowning casting. Also this joint, prepared with the DRYset injection channel, was waterproofed for its entire thickness with DRYflex resin. After emptying it was therefore possible to carry out the final testing.

The Drytech Tank as a whole, and the DRYflex resin in particular, must ensure impermeability from aggressive elements such as sea water.

Construction: PB Maritime Works, Ancona

Waterproofing: Drytech Italy, Como

Liquid perspective, Coldrerio

very long swimming pool

A very long swimming pool on the way out and short on the way back.

It is the perspective effect created by architects Mikail Akbas and Massimo Carmellini, who also designed the villa on the heights of Chiasso.

Seen from the side of the diving board, the pool appears very long and the body of water is the absolute protagonist.

Conversely, on the opposite side it is the villa and the large lawn that characterize the space, and the swimming pool – which previously seemed as long as the porch – retreats into the greenery.

The infinity east side and the slope of the lawn produce another surprising effect, with the trees in the hedge appearing to rise directly from the water.

The exposed swimming pool was built in a Drytech waterproof concrete structure and waterproofed, once the construction was completed, with injections of expanding resin which sealed the joints, the shrinkage cracks and the numerous crossings, such as the inflow vents, the drains and the immersed lamps.

Project: Architetti Mikail Akbas, Chiasso and Massimo Carmellini, Balerna.

Construction: Garzoni, Lugano

Sant’Anna Hospital, Como

The new Sant’Anna hospital in Como is located on an area of ​​over 80,000 m² south of the city of Como and a few hundred meters from the headquarters of Drytech Italia.

The Como Polyclinic has two underground floors exposed to a 2-meter flap, which will also house the operating theaters.

The waterproofing was carried out with the Drytech Tank System which, among other things, due to its construction characteristics and organization, ensured a significant reduction in days in the overall construction site budget.

The activities of the Drytech Tank System, in fact, are parallel to the others of the construction site so that, in fact, the waterproofing item has been removed from the work calendar.

To support the weight of the structure, the site of the construction site was consolidated with approximately 4000 reinforced concrete poles, with a depth varying between 20 and 30 meters.

The poles were thrown into shirts driven into the ground with micro-explosions.

Contractor: Infrastrutture Lombarde

Project: Euro-Project

Structure: Eng. Franco Mola, Milan

Construction: Consorzio S.AN.CO

Borgo alla Marina, Genoa

The conversion of the industrial port area, west of the Genoa airport, also involves the construction of the Borgo alla Marina residential complex.

200 prestigious apartments, with relative berths and garage, overlooking a new tourist port.

Under the buildings and the square, in direct contact with the sea water, the covered parking for residents is built with the Drytech Tank System.

Project: Studio Gnudi, Genova

Contractor: Aurora Costruzioni, Milano

City by the Sea, Savona

Excellent news for the sky arrives from the sea.

The residential center La Città sul Mare in Savona, in fact, heats up in winter and cools down in summer by exploiting the sea temperature.

The plant is zero-emission and, using a renewable and free resource, provides a definitive solution to the problems of atmospheric pollution and the soaring costs of fossil energy sources.

The Savonate housing complex was built by Meraviglia Spa of Bulgarogrosso (CO) and was designed by the Technion Srl and Ellevi di Lecco design studios.

The 120 apartments are served by a heating system connected to a sea outlet, built on the boulder pier facing the complex.

The basic principle of the system is the substantially constant temperature of the sea water (about 18 ° in this stretch of coast).

The pipes of the heating and air conditioning system from the building run underground to the sea intake, where the heat pump is located, which uses sea water as a source or as a heat sink.

The transport of thermal energy takes place through the same water. Water that is sucked from the sea, brought up to the heat exchanger and, therefore, released.

The system has a positive energy balance: it supplies more energy (heat) than electricity needed for its operation (the ratio is at least 1 to 4 or higher, up to 1 to 6).

In addition to the seawater intake, the two floors of the Città del Mare underground car park are also made with the Drytech Tank Waterproofing System, which is exposed to a 5-meter water table, as can be seen from the pressure of the jet that comes out of the pump well in the third image.

Structure: Technion and Ellevi, Lecco

Construction: IMM, Milano