Waterproof constructions


Drytech Tank is the forever Structural Waterproofing.
Safe, convenient and guaranteed.
For all underground construction, in groundwater or in contact with liquids.

infiltration sealing


Drytech Restoration Systems seal infiltrations and leaks to recover the waterproof of existing structures.
Injections of elastic and expanding resin from the inside, without demolition or excavation
and without blocking the operation of the structure.



Drycoat is the elastic waterproof mantle, continuous and walkable
that fits like a second skin
to the architectural lines and construction details
without the need for plumbing.

Drytech Engineering


Drytech shares its specialization and experience
with architects, engineers and construction companies 
to design and build together safe, convenient and guaranteed waterproof structures.

The design of the waterproofing, and the consequent drawing up of a coherent and detailed tender specification,
improves the quality of the structure and reduces construction time and costs.


1000 works a year, from the dam to the cellar

Drytech waterproofing

The benchmark expert for waterproofing

Drytech is the benchmark expert for: architects, structural engineers and building companies for the waterproofing of groundwater constructions,
underground works and liquid containment structures.

Since 1963 we have been dealing exclusively with waterproofing.
A specialization that, combined with research, allows us to propose the most effective solutions.

Those that guarantee:

  • uncompromising waterproofing;

  • the reduction of time and costs for the construction site as a whole;

  • the safety of the installation performed by Drytech expert technicians.

Our know-how it is fed daily by direct experience in over 1,000+ of ongoing construction projects of all sizes across Europe.
These solutions become an integral part of your construction site through the consultancy of Drytech Engineering to the Architect, the Engineer and the Construction Company.