Drytech Injection Systems

Restorations without demolition and with immediate verification

Drytech systems for the restoration of infiltrations or leaks are based on injections of DRYflex acrylic resin carried out from inside the structure: therefore without requiring any excavation or demolition and, above all, without affecting the operation of the structure itself.

DRYflex is a non-toxic, elastic and expanding acrylic resin, which seals by pressure cracks or joints at the origin of infiltrations.

From the dam to the private cellar, the outcome of the intervention is immediately verifiable with the naked eye.


injection systems

The intervention techniques are specific to the type of structure.

To repair the concrete, punctual injections are made in the cracks or joints at the origin of the infiltration (left).

In predalle, brick or stone structures, on the other hand, the curtain technique is applied which, through a grid of injections, creates a continuous waterproof resin barrier on the back of the walls (right).


PRAcTICAl. expanding. RE-injectable.

DRYflex acrylic resin injections from within the structure. Also effective in pressurised water.

DRYflex is the elastic and expanding acrylic resin that waterproofs cracks by sealing them by pressure. For this it does not require any cleaning or preparation of the cracks.

The success of the remediation is immediately verifiable on sight. The elasticity of the resin allows for subsequent re-injections.

Furthermore, DRYflex is also effective in the presence of water and the power of the D1 injection machine allows you to always exert a pressure higher than that of the hydraulic head, expelling the water from the structure. 

For this reason, the Drytech System is even used in the rehabilitation of active dams, without having to empty the reservoirs.

curtain wall

pre-cast. bricks. stones.

The Curtain Wall technique waterproofs particularly porous or permeable structural elements, creating a continuous veil of resin on the outside of the brick, stone or pre-cast wall.

Injected through a network of holes, the DRYflex resin spreads radially from each point, forming a continuous waterproof covering to protect the wall.

The Curtain Wall technique complies with the WTA 4-6-98 recommendation.


ex-post gaskets

If the ducting of the electrical system has a leak or suffers a break along its underground path outside the building (for example during the backfilling), it becomes a primary conduit for water infiltration.

The Ex-post DRYset gaskets allow you to waterproof the ductwork from inside the structure, without removing the cables and without interrupting the electrical supply.

The gaskets are made to measure according to the internal diameter of the pipe and the type, number and gauge of cables that pass through it.

The installation does not require electricity shutdown or interventions on the system, thanks to the ingenious system that incorporates the cables into the gasket.


200+ works a year, from tube to cellar