Drytech Tank

The Drytech Tank is the structural waterproofing
for underground constructions, in groundwater or in contact with liquids.

It is a single structure in waterproof concrete
with the construction details sealed by expanding acrylic resin.

The entire surface and entire thickness of the structure are waterproof.

Construction is quick and convenient for everyone.
Waterproofing is integral, solid and guaranteed.

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The Drytech Tank guarantees:

  • the tightness of the structural waterproofing, which opposes the ingress water and radon creating a barrier equal to the thickness of the structure itself;
  • the saving of time and related costs for the entire construction site, easily quantified with the cancellation the waterproofing item from the Gantt chart;
  • the security of the Drytech Engineering’s continuous consultancy to the designer and the construction company;
  • the real possibility of maintenance of the below grade structure, for the entire life cycle of the building.


Drytech Engineering creates the tailored mix design for the specific construction
based on the characteristics of the concrete plant chosen by the client.

Drytech concrete has two characteristics: it prevents the penetration of water and reduces the formation of cracks.

Cracking is an inevitable phenomenon of maturation, but the  Drytech Tank manages and controls it.

The Drytech Recipe is aimed at obtaining a progressively maturing concrete that, in combination with the DRYset cracking elements, tends to avoid the formation of random cracks.

Drytech Engineering adapts the formula to the characteristics of the concrete plant chosen by the customer, without additional costs and without additives.

Drytech performs quality checks at the concrete plant, on site and in the laboratory, to transfer all the waterproof qualities defined in the formula specific to the structure.


Waterproofing injections

Drytech Engineering


Designing waterproofing reduces costs and increases quality: over 83% of infiltration problems are caused by design errors (EMPA Research 2004, report 210043 – 202248).

Drytech shares its specialization and experience with architects, engineers and construction companies to design and build together strong, affordable and guaranteed waterproofing.

Drytech Engineering assists and supports the Structural Engineer in the design of the Waterproof Structure, optimizing the construction choices according to watertight.

Drytech Engineering also supports the company in the state-of-the-art construction of the Drytech tank.

This collaboration transfers into your project the solutions and experience of 1,000+ construction projects built every year throughout Europe, from dams to parking lots, from basements to swimming pools, from cisterns to aqueducts, including small private cellars.

A specialized support that reduces costs and construction times and guarantees the efficiency of the waterproof structure, no matter its size.


  • Engineering consultancy for the design of the underground structure.


  • Pre-qualification of Drytech Waterproof Concrete in the plant indicated by the customer.


  • Control of rebar steel plan in anti-shrinkage function.
  • Quality checks on concrete on site and in the laboratory.
  • Checks laying rebar and concrete casting.
  • Advice to the company for the state-of-the-art construction of the underground structure.


  • Quality and maintenance dossier with protocols, photos and installation plans for DRYset systems.
  • It’s the X-ray picture of the Drytech Tank, that is also useful for accurately drive any maintenance interventions even after years.
  • The Quality Dossier can also be made in digital format with the ability to virtually navigate within the structure.



The waterproofing of the Drytech Tank structures is covered by the Ten-Year Warranty, which can be further extended with a maintenance contract.


Would you buy a car whose wheel cannot be replaced in the event of a puncture? A waterproofing system that does not provide or, worse, does not allow maintenance is like a disposable car. Indeed, the entire building becomes a disposable one. The Drytech Tank not only allows maintenance: it makes it practicable quickly and minimally invasive. Not only  the wheel can be replaced: it can be done while the car is in motion, without interrupting the journey.

Out of metaphor, the theme of the maintainability of any waterproofing system is as fundamental as it is underestimated. Theoretically, any system works. In the real world there are unexpected events – very predictable – and the wear and tear of time.

The need and method of a maintenance system is sanctioned by the SIA Standard 260 : 2013:
2.3.4 Waterproofing: Underground structures inaccessible once the works are completed.
It’a mandatory to choose Waterproofing systems that allow maintenance from the internal side of the structure.

The ratio between the waterproofing cost must be 1 : <1 (for example: waterproofing 1000 : maintenance <1000).

The Drytech Tank always allows the waterproofing to be restored, through practical injections of DRYflex expansive resin from the inside of the work.

Being a single structure, in the Drytech Tank the cause and effect of any infiltrations coincide, so the intervention is timely and immediately verifiable with the naked eye. And it does not require the suspension of the building’s activities. Also for this reason Drytech maintenance systems are also used in the restoration of any other type of waterproofing.

Many systems offer waterproofing of the structure. But it is only the maintenance – actually practicable and non-invasive – that guarantees impermeability over time.