Drytech RR 1:2020 is the practical manual for the design of watertight waterproof concrete structures in Waterproofing Class 1.
An essential and constantly updated aid for the designer of underground structures, in groundwater or in contact with liquids.

Drytech RR 1:2020 complies with the SIA 272 Standard, integrated with the Relevant Rules for the construction of Class 1 watertight structures. Request your own manual

Technical and Safety Data Sheets

Updated technical and safety data sheets can be requested from Drytech.
For information: info@drytech.ch


1. DRYflexCE CertificationTecno Piemonte, IT-Lenta
2. DRYflex 1Performance declarationDrytech
3. DRYflex 2Performance declarationDrytech
4. DRYflex 1Behavior to fireTransfire Luton 
5. DRYflexBS 6920-2000 Drinking waterWQ Water Quality Center, UK-Reading
6. DRYflex 2Exposure to drinking waterEurofins DK-Galten
7. DRYflex 1Toxicity classSGS Institut Fresenius, DE-Taunusstein
8. DRYflex 1Biodegradability classSGS Institut Fresenius, DE-Taunusstein
9. DRYflex 1Daphnia Toxicity ClassSGS Institut Fresenius, DE-Taunusstein
10. DRYflex 1Fish toxicity classSGS Institut Fresenius, DE-Taunusstein
11. DRYflex 1Rat Toxicity ClassSGS Institut Fresenius, DE-Taunusstein
12. DRYflex 1 / 2Rat Toxicity ClassLPT, De-Hamburg
13. DRYflex 1Bioaccumulative class in waterSiemens, DE-Frankfurt Am Mein
14. DRYflexReinforcement corrosionSupsi, CH-Lugano
15. DRYflex 1 / 2Reinforcement corrosionConsulting Engineering, DE-Aachen
16. DRYflex 1 / 2Reinforcement corrosionIbac, DE-Aachen
17. DRYflex 3SReinforcement corrosionConsultin Engineering, DE-Aachen
18. DRYflex 3SReinforcement corrosionIbac, DE-Aachen
19. AcrylamideResidual AcrylamideSGS Institut Fresenius, DE-Taunusstein
20. DRYset CIShear behavior testsPolitecnico di Milano
21. DRYset CIRelation to shearPolitecnico di Milano
22. DRYset CIApplication certificateMFPA, DE-Leipzig
23. DRYset CIEvidence reportMFPA, DE-Leipzig
24. DRYset CIBending testsPolitecnico di Milano
25. DRYset CIBending test reportPolitecnico di Milano
26. DRYset PipeCertificate of conformityMFPA, DE-Leipzig
27. DRYset PipeTest certificateMFPA, DE-Leipzig
28. Drytech TankImpermeability to radon Supsi, CH-Lugano