Mantegazza Palace, Lugano

Drytech tank system for the 5 floors of the underground car park of Palazzo Mantegazza, 15 meters from the lake, in the presence of a water table of 18.80 meters.

The basement was built in underlay, using the hanging formwork technique: after the completion of the diaphragm walls, the slab of the ground level is cast, leaving openings through which it is possible to dig up to the level of the slab -1.

Then the formwork already used for the zero slab is lowered and, once it has reached level -1, the new slab is cast on it. And so on up to the bed, at level -5.

The walls of the Drytech Tank are made directly against the diaphragm, obtaining both the lining and the wall itself in a single casting.

Project: Camponovo Architects & Associates, Breganzona

Structure: Studio Ingg. Mantegazza and Cattaneo, Sorengo

Construction: Garzoni SA, Lugano

Waterproofing: Drytech Switzerland

Drytech Tank: 6’600 m²

LAC, Lugano Art and Culture

Work of the Ticino architect Ivano Gianola, the project involves the construction of a public part – which houses the new cultural center of the city, with theater, concert hall, art museum, underground parking – and a private part dedicated to apartments and offices.

The complex integrates the façade of the historic Hotel Palace and develops around a large square which can in turn host shows and exhibitions.

The city also has 10,000 m² of pedestrian areas and a park behind the building.

Drytech designed and built the waterproofing of the underground structures of both bodies, for a total of 19,800 m² of Drytech Tank, built below the level of the lake.

Client: City of Lugano

Project: Architect Ivano Gianola, Mendrisio

Structure: Studio Ing. Sciarini, Vira Gambarogno

Construction: Cosma Swiss SA, Lugano

Photo: Studio Pagi, Lugano

Waterproofing: Drytech Ticino, Bedano

Drytech Tank: 19’800 m²

SBB CFS FFS train station, Lugano

An atrium that creates a new connection between the Lugano railway station and the urban fabric: a real portal that connects arriving and departing travelers with the rest of the city.

The icon of this project, which adapts the important urban hub to the increase in the flow of travelers and rationalizes their routes, is the large 1,600 square meter canopy suspended above the underground atrium.

The thin, airy roof creates a wallless atrium. From the train window you can thus admire a suggestive glimpse of the lake.

The atrium is lowered to the level of the main underpass, which connects the two parts of the city divided by the station, and through which you access the ramps that lead to the platforms.

The hypogeum is a waterproof structure made with the 2,700 m² Drytech Tank.

Property: SBB CFF FFS, Lugano

Project: StazLu Architects Group Project, Lugano

G. Dazio & Associati engineering firm, Cadenazzo
Bernardoni engineering studio, Lugano

Construction: GeoEdil, Lugano

Waterproofing: Drytech Ticino , Bedano

Drytech Tank: 2’700 m² 

Roof swimming pool, Lugano

The iconic hanging swimming pool in exposed concrete, with a glass wall overlooking Lake Lugano, is the emblem of the Drytech Tankl, which enhances the purity of lines of the project by architect Edy Quaglia.

The edges of the pool and the walkable areas are waterproofed with the continuous Drycoat, which adapts like a second skin to the surface.

Project: Architect Edy Quaglia, Lugano

Construction: Garzoni Company, Lugano

Waterproofing: Drytech Ticino

Drytech Tank: 40 m²