Enzo Ferrari Museum, Modena

The Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena is an engaging hymn to the myth of the car and the architectural manifesto of Jan Kaplicky: the Czech architect who founded the Future System in London.

The Mef can count on an area of ​​6’000 m², of which 4’400 are intended for exhibitions. The Museum is a car hood that emerges powerful from the ground. In Kaplicky’s style, the height is contained to establish a harmonious relationship with Ferrari’s birthplace, without however attenuating the evocative force of the new structure.

The exhibition spaces were developed in the basement, creating a waterproof structure of 5’850 m² with the Drytech Tank System.

Access to the museum is through an imposing curved glass wall, whose inclined plane is bisected by a series of fins that resemble the radiator of a custom-built car.

The exhibition spaces are accessed from the hall through two inclined platforms, going down to a depth of 5 meters

“Spaces defined by eight edges are not necessary, they are not mandatory”. One of Kaplicky’s famous phrases expresses well the spirit of the project, to whose sinuous lines the flexibility of the Drytech tank has been perfectly adapted.

The design phase saw an intense collaboration with Drytech Engineering to define the waterproofing solutions for the unprecedented construction details proposed by the particular shape of the basement.

Project: Future System, London

Structure: Polytechnic, Modena

Works Management: Engineer Coppi, Modena

Construction: CRB, Carpi – Ing. Ferrari, Modena

Waterproofing: Drytech Italia, Como

Drytech Tank: 5’850 m²

LAC, Lugano Art and Culture

Work of the Ticino architect Ivano Gianola, the project involves the construction of a public part – which houses the new cultural center of the city, with theater, concert hall, art museum, underground parking – and a private part dedicated to apartments and offices.

The complex integrates the façade of the historic Hotel Palace and develops around a large square which can in turn host shows and exhibitions.

The city also has 10,000 m² of pedestrian areas and a park behind the building.

Drytech designed and built the waterproofing of the underground structures of both bodies, for a total of 19,800 m² of Drytech Tank, built below the level of the lake.

Client: City of Lugano

Project: Architect Ivano Gianola, Mendrisio

Structure: Studio Ing. Sciarini, Vira Gambarogno

Construction: Cosma Swiss SA, Lugano

Photo: Studio Pagi, Lugano

Waterproofing: Drytech Ticino, Bedano

Drytech Tank: 19’800 m²