Hotel Il Sereno, Torno

The symbiosis between Il Sereno di Torno and Lake Como began right from the laying of the first stone. The design hotel has literally risen from the waters of the Lario.

The charming country road that leads to the hotel is in fact not passable by heavy vehicles, so all the material for the construction arrived by lake on board barges.

The dominus of this complex construction site was the architect Fabio Curcio Valentini, construction manager and coordinator of the architectural project of Patricia Urquiola, who also created the contemporary interior design of the Luxury Hotel.

The construction was consolidated with poles placed in the water, and the area dedicated to the technical systems was obtained by digging into the granite rock without using explosives, up to a depth of seven meters below the level of the lake and creating the waterproof structures with the Drytech Tank system.

The old dock was incorporated into the new building of four floors above ground and two underground floors.

The lake-front wing towards Como hosted the underground garage and the heated outdoor swimming pool, also a Drytech tank and covered in Brazilian karst stone.

Project and Interior Design: Architetto Patricia Urquiola, Milano

Works management: Architetto Fabio Curcio Valentini, Como

Garden Design: Patrick Blanc, Parigi

Structure: Studio Faber, Parma

Construction: Costruzioni Carboncini & C., Lomazzo – Setten Genesio, Oderzo

Drytech Tank: 4’335 m²

Double waterproof pump wells, Copenhagen

Drytech has designed a special waterproof pump shaft that allows companies to create pumping points inside the bed.

The wells are made in the Bedano workshop, in Switzerland, and shipped to the construction site, wherever it is in the world, where they are prepared by the Drytech technician.

This is the case of the construction site opened directly in the North Sea, where 36 pump wells were installed, subsequently sealed and incorporated into the bed.

Once its function is exhausted, the Drytech pump well is waterproofed both externally and internally.

Once the casting is complete, the joint between the well and the bed is injected with DRYflex expansive resin, which seals the element by pressure, wrapping around the entire thickness of the bed.

Any water flows inside the well are instead rendered harmless by the lid sealed with gaskets both on the circumference of the well and on each of the sealing bolts.

The use of the Drytech System resulted in a saving of several weeks on the time required for the construction of the waterproof basement.

Waterproofing: Drytech Italy

Vetropack water tower, Corsico

Drytech restored the water tower of the Vetropack plant in Corsico with injections of waterproofing resin carried out from the outside, without having to empty the barrel.

The fire-fighting water reserve was thus guaranteed to the continuous-cycle industrial plants and the company did not have to rent a tanker for the fire brigade.

With the Drytech system it is no longer necessary to dive into the barrels, with all the related logistical and safety implications.

For the intervention, Drytech technicians exploited a scaffolding already set up by a company to restore the external surface of the tower.

Normally the Drytech Rehabilitation System allows the practical use of aerial platforms, with a consequent saving on costs and time for setting up the scaffold.

Client: Vetropack, Corsico

Restoration: Drytech Italia, Como

Private house, Gelterkinden

Designed with the expressive power of a sculpture, the Chienbergreben private house in Gelterkinden follows the slope of the land, on the border between the town and the agricultural area.

The underground structures were built with the Drytech Tank System, which made them impermeable to both groundwater and slope water.

The adoption of the Drytech System, which provides for a single waterproof concrete structure, has allowed the project to respect the figure that defines it architecturally even in the underground part.

The entire structure of the building is in fact made of exposed concrete with disposable horizontal formwork: inside as well as outside.

Project: Bucher Bründler, Basilea

Structure: Ing. Jürg Merz, Maisprach

Construction: Obrist Bauunternehmung AG, Wallbach

Drytech Tank: 162 m²