Vetropack water tower, Corsico

Drytech restored the water tower of the Vetropack plant in Corsico with injections of waterproofing resin carried out from the outside, without having to empty the barrel.

The fire-fighting water reserve was thus guaranteed to the continuous-cycle industrial plants and the company did not have to rent a tanker for the fire brigade.

With the Drytech system it is no longer necessary to dive into the barrels, with all the related logistical and safety implications.

For the intervention, Drytech technicians exploited a scaffolding already set up by a company to restore the external surface of the tower.

Normally the Drytech Rehabilitation System allows the practical use of aerial platforms, with a consequent saving on costs and time for setting up the scaffold.

Client: Vetropack, Corsico

Restoration: Drytech Italia, Como