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Olympic swimming pool, Livigno

One thousand eight hundred and sixteen and 50 meters. Added to the hyper-training altitude of Livigno are the 50 precious meters of the “Federica Pellegrini Swimming Area”: the new Olympic swimming pool, built by TMG of Berbenno di Valtellina.

The new swimming pool has 12 competition model starting blocks (6 on each side), with 5-position track start platforms. With particular attention to the swimmer’s well-being and the environmental impact, the water is disinfected with a hypochlorite (with low chlorate content), produced on site with electrolytic salt transformation technology, which among other things allows the reduction of chlorination waste products.

The safety of the structure is also at levels of absolute excellence. The pool is in fact equipped with the Angel Eye system: 20 underwater cameras that record images of the swimmers in real time. The system is able to identify dangerous situations and, in the event of an alarm, sends a signal directly to the lifeguards’ smartwatch.

Drytech carried out the waterproofing of all the foundations of the building, all the perimeter walls and the recovery tanks, collaborating with the structural engineers right from the design phase. All these structures are in contact with the waters of the Federia stream, a tributary of Lake Gallo, whose flow varies depending on rainfall regimes and, above all, seasonal thawing phases.

Naturally the new Olympic pool of the Federica Pellegrini Swimming Area is open to the public. Inside the Aquagranda center you can also snorkel while admiring the fish on the seabed or travel to the interstellar stations of Mars, Moon and Venus. All this thanks to Divr: a new form of virtual reality that uses multisensory technology, amplified by immersion in water.

Ownership: Aquagranda, Livigno

Architect Giovanni Colturi

Project collaborator: Geom. Demis Spiller

Structure: Eng. Fabio Fabiano, Varese / Engineer Marco Finazzi, Palazzolo Sull’Oglio / Eng. Fabio Sibaud, Como

Construction: TMG, Berbenno di Valtellina

Drytech Tank: 2,300 m2

Federal Olympic Center of Livigno