Teatro Alla Scala, Milan

As part of the renovation and expansion of the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan designed by architect Mario Botta, the waterproofing of the scenic pit was carried out, with 850 m² of stalls and 2,500 of walls.

The Drytech Tank System was chosen because it made it possible to waterproof the tie rods of the unloaded floor.

It also saved about 90 days of work for the entire calendar of works because the waterproofing activities are independent and parallel to those of the construction site and are in fact removed from the Gantt chart.

A further saving of time and resources derives from the fact that the elevations of the Drytech tank are thrown directly against the micropiles, making the lining and the wall coincide.

The new stage tower rises 38 meters and the stage pit is 18 meters deep. The new structure behind the stage allows you to manage the sets of 3 shows at the same time.

Sophisticated stage machines allow you to completely change the show in just 6 minutes.

Client: Municipality of Milan, Milan

Project: Mario Botta Architect, Lugano

Structure: BMS Progetti, Milan

Construction: Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni, Bologna

Waterproofing: Drytech Italia, Montano Lucino COMO

Drytech tank: 3,350 m²