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Aqueduct, Vira-Mezzovico

The new water storage and supply basin is part of the General Plan of the Aqueduct of the Municipality of Vira-Mezzovico.

Set into the mountain slope to minimize its visual impact, the Drytech concrete structure is entirely waterproof, both to the water present in the ground and to that collected in the internal basins. Even the slabs, covered by the lawn, are in Drytech Tank, therefore also resistant to root development.

The perfect correspondence between structure and function of the Drytech Tank makes it not only a solid barrier to water (the waterproofing is as thick as the structure), but also a durable system, because it is predisposed to extraordinarily practical maintenance. To the point that, specifically, any intervention does not require emptying the reservoirs or even interrupting the service.

The modernization plan of Aqueduct of Vira-Mezzovico also affected the water network, renewed for flow and efficiency in all its twenty kilometers of underground pipes.

Drytech Engineering collaborated already in the design phase with Lucchini & Canepa Engineering, for all aspects relating to the waterproofing of the structure.

Structure: Lucchini & Canepa Engineering, Lugano

Construction: Implenia Switzerland, Bioggio

The Vira-Mezzovico aqueduct