Residence Rivabella, Magliaso

Inaugurated 30 years ago on the shore of Ceresio, the Rivabella residence in Magliaso has been equipped with a new and very modern wing which, together with the historic buildings, forms a spectacular courtyard overlooking the lake.
The new pavilion appears extraordinarily light, almost suspended by virtue of the retreat of the podium, camouflaged by the shadow cast by the upper volume and by the large windowed walls of the common areas, which make it permeable to the background.

Water represents an equally central element in the architecture of the residence. In addition to the lake, which naturally orients and catalyzes the views, in the center of the lawn there is a small lake with a water garden, water lilies and fountains.

The ground floor houses the large restaurant room, the gym, the physiotherapy and the wellness centre, with the spa equipped with Kneipp path, salt room, massage centre, and then the waterproof structures created with the Drytech tub: sauna, bathroom Turkish, indoor swimming pool and hydromassage.

The Residence is organized to guarantee guests the possibility of maintaining their habits and independence.
The attention to the personal history and individuality of the residents also includes the possibility of choosing the furnishings of the rooms and suites, even using their own furniture.

Due to its exhibitions and concerts, the Rivabella Residence has become a cultural reference, to the point that its Art Gallery is the main exhibition center in the region. This cultural offer is accompanied by a notable concert season which, in the summer, has this fascinating corner of the lake as its backdrop.

Project: Luca Gazzaniga Architects, Lugano

Structure: Ing. Galli & Associati, Cadempino

Construction: Garzoni, Lugano

Photo: Enrico Cano, Lugano

Drytech Tank: 380 m2