Municipal House, Cadempino

The new Municipal House of Cadempino is the seat of the city administration, but it is also many other things for the citizens. It is first of all a square, or an agora: in the Hellenic sense the main place of democracy, heart of the polis and seat of the assemblies.

This large open space, which from an architectural point of view communicates with the volumes, enhancing them through the contrast between empty and full, from an urban planning point of view acts as a catalyst and multiplier of meeting opportunities, both organized and spontaneous.

The square is also an arena: the steps that define the west side host the public for en plein air shows or events. The hope is that it will also be colonized and chosen as a wall by the kids of the town, but these are imponderable dynamics on which architecture can affect up to a certain point.

The space is delimited to the north by the large multi-purpose room and to the east by the municipal warehouse, while the main building, just set back, characterizes the square with a spectacular loggia that lightens its volume, and on which Lorenzo’s mobile sculpture vibrates Change.

The basement houses two car parks with charging stations for electric cars.

The entrance to the Municipal House is created in a deep setback compared to the main facade, which also in this case the void gives lightness to the structure.

The three levels of the main building develop around a tree that grows in a winter garden created in the center of the structure.

Vital fulcrum of the building, visible from each level at a different height, the cork oak takes on an engaging symbolic value, in which democracy can be seen as a good to be cultivated with everyone’s contribution.

Project: Antonio and Luca Antorini Architects, Porza
Structure 1: Engineer Alessio Casanova, Pazzallo
Structure 2:  Studio Ing. De Bernardis, Massagno
Construction: Impresa CSC, Lugano – Impresa Quadri, Cadempino
Sculpture: Lorenzo Cambin, Sorengo
Waterproofing: Drytech Ticino, Bedano
Drytech Tank: 3,190 m2