Cedrus Mansions, Minusio

The Cedrus residential complex, in Brione sopra Minusio, offers one of the rare opportunities to purchase an exclusive home with a breathtaking view of Lake Maggiore, in the mildest point of the Swiss coast. Perfectly integrated with the natural environment and the surrounding urban fabric, at the same time it guarantees the luxury of having everything within the property. The world in one house.

Framed between the mountains and the body of water of Lake Maggiore, Cedrus is surrounded by a forest that acts as a green backdrop and crossed by a natural stream.

In addition to all the basements, the elegant wellness area, the SPA, and the outdoor infinity pool in the lounge area were also created with Vasca Drytech structural waterproofing.

Project: Architect Giuseppe Quartarone, Manno

Structure: Engineer Andreaotti and Partners, Airolo

Construction: GTL, Gravesano

Waterproofing: Drytech Ticino, Bedano

Drytech Tank: 4’430 m2