Drytech® Tank

The Drytech® White Tank System is based on a single structure made of Drytech watertight concrete and the waterproofing of construction details by injection of expanding DRYflex resin.

It’s a simple, sound, advanced solution which ensures:
> The effectiveness of a structure which is waterproof and therefore impermeable to water and radon, providing a barrier which is the same thickness as the structure.
> A reduction in time and costs, eliminating waterproofing from Gantt charts.
> On-going reliability of advice, provided by Drytech Engineering to designers and building firms.
> The guarantee of a system fully laid by Drytech technicians.

Elements of the Drytech® White Tank System

1. Engineering Drytech
Advice is on-going to designers and building firms, transferring the solutions and experience gained from involvement in 1,000 construction sites every year throughout Europe to your construction site.

2. Drytech waterproof concrete
Concrete mix design is developed by Drytech based on the characteristics of structures chosen by customers.

3. DRYset system
Components used by Drytech technicians to prepare specific construction details for injecting with DRYflex waterproof resin.

4. DRYflex resin
An elastic foam resin which waterproofs specific construction details through pressure.

Drytech Engineering

Drytech Engineering collaborates with designers and building firms throughout all stages of design and construction. It provides specialist assistance helping to reduce construction costs and time, and guarantees the effectiveness of the waterproof structure.

> Advice on the design of underground structures.

Approval of mix design
> Waterproof concrete mix design defined and approved in advance.

Checking and supervision
> Checks on steel reinforcement shrinkage requirements.
> Checks on concrete, both on-site during construction and testing in the laboratory.
> Checks on the laying of steel reinforcement and concrete casting.
> Advice to building firms to ensure construction underground is carried out to the highest standards.

> High quality dossiers with records, photographs and plans for laying DRYset systems.


Drytech waterproof concrete

Cracking is an inevitable aspect of concrete during the curing process.
The Drytech waterproof concrete mix design manages and controls this.
The Drytech mix design is aimed at having concrete which gradually gains strength and stability, is cohesive and not rigid, which combined with Drytech crack inducers helps avoid random cracks.

Drytech Engineering adapts the mix design to suit the characteristics of the structure chosen by the customer at no additional cost and without additives.

Drytech Engineering carries out checks on construction both on site and in the laboratory to ensure the waterproofing qualities defined in the mix design are transferred to the structure.


Maintenance The guarantee for waterproofing

Would you buy a car if the tyre couldn’t be replaced in the case of a puncture? A waterproofing system that doesn’t permit maintenance is like a disposable car. Not only does the Drytech Tank allow you to carry out maintenance, but it can be done quickly and is non-invasive. Not only can you replace the tyre but you can do it while the car continues to move.

Setting aside metaphors, the need for maintenance of any waterproofing system is fundamental as well as underrated. Theoretically all systems work. In the real world, unexpected things occur which can however be easily foreseeable: from the human factor during laying, to common hitches during construction (backfill which rips a sheet or reinforcement which makes a hole in a membrane).

The Drytech Tank always allows waterproofing to be re-established by injecting DRYflex expanding resin from the underside of the structure. Since the Drytech Tank is a single structure, the cause and effect of any infiltrations can be verified in the same place, enabling accurate work to be carried out and results can be checked immediately by visual inspection. There is no requirement to block the structure.
For the same reason, Drytech maintenance systems are also used in the restoration of other types of waterproofing.

Many systems offer waterproofing for structures. However it is only practical, non-invasive maintenance which guarantees waterproofing over time.

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Drytech® is the leading expert on waterproofing in groundwater for architects, engineers, building firms, estate agents and public agencies.

We have been specializing exclusively in waterproof structures and restoration activities since 1963, working directly on building sites throughout Europe.


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